“End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path. One that we all must take.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

Today is the last day, when the exibition of the world’s best press photos is open. Along with this, one era in the Tallinn main railway-station ends. Balti jaam as locals know will have new content and inside look. One last time, it is possible to look at this building naked as he is. To witness end of an era is a interesting situation. At least for me. World Press Photo is the right event to dash between what was and what’s to come. What is likely to remain is an accordion-man playing behind a window 

Three weeks passed quickly and smoothly, but there was also some nice and not nice incidents. Some observations: 

  • The Estonian is a broken nation, and there is often a need to come and say something nasty.
  • The older the woman, the more aggressive she might be (one lady even spit in my face). I have been called different names for myself and even get fired.
  • There was no Russian language in the descriptions of the photos and I was therefore much annoyed by the Russian ladies for not considering “Estonian residents”
  • The more alcohol, the more noisy and bolder  Estonian men behave.

These are tiny drops of tar in a honey pot that did not spoil the overall taste. Honey turned out to be there much more. One Ukrainian lady repeatedly come to see the exhibition and always left with tears in her eyes. She thought everyone had to see it, to know how good life have we now, and we should do everything  avoid war.

To be twice a tiny nut on the World Press Photo Exhibition wheel an interesting experience. When you enter the exhibition, there is an introductory poster on the wall, there is written section which is also suitable to finish this post: “The location for the World Press Photo exhibition in Tallinn at the main railway-station was selected with the utmost consideration, aiming to get wide-reaching attention for outstanding event.”

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