Kersti’s life has contained photography since birth. Some of her fondest memories of her childhood were when she was waiting for her father in the dark kitchen until he came out from the even darker basement to set the film to dry. Bowls with liquids, guillotine, the apparatus for making photos. A fairytale that’s enchanting Kersti still to this day. It was from her father that she learned that there must be a story behind every picture. The photo must talk with the viewer, make them think, show them something new or direct their attention to some special detail. As an amateur photograph, Kersti mainly photographs for herself and the topics that interest her. Through the camera lens, she has learned to view the world in details. To notice the interesting and to bring forth both beauty and pain in her photos.

World Press Photo Tallinn showcase volunteer (2018, 2020)
Repro photographer for sports history book “Dynamo I” (2018)

Photography based courses:
Practical photo course for beginners. (ArtStudia Group OÜ, 2013/2014)
Practical Photoshop for beginners. (ArtStudia Grou OÜ, 2013)